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Sandra Pringle
Clinical Director 

My name is Sandra. I am the Clinical Director and founding member of the Rosa Counselling Trust.

I work from a Narrative Therapy perspective where the goals of therapy are defined by the client. We all have our own resources to deal with adversity, but in hard times we can often lose sight of those resources.

As a counsellor I see each client as unique. Each one has a wealth of knowledge about themselves and their own social environment. Each one has a story to tell and they tell it in their own unique way. I believe sharing of stories develops a connectedness between people. Narrative therapy allows me to journey alongside my clients as they explore their own resources, rather than sitting in the expert chair. I also offer Clinical Supervision.

I have been very happily married for fifty two years, have adult children, and adult grandchildren, hairy grandchildren (my kids’ dogs) and the cutest hairy sausage dog called Bertie.. I enjoy cooking, reading and gardening, and I love bargain hunting.

Jodi Pringle
Practice Manager 

Hi, I’m Jodi, Rosa's Practice Manager - or the 'go to' person.  I take care of administrative and reception duties, and the day-to-day running of the Trust. I am also responsible for funding. I have a Certificate in Counselling Skills, Certificates in Youth Mentoring and Youth Mentor Training. I have also completed DARE Facilitator training, and Interactive Drawing Therapy training. 


I have a background in veterinary nursing and I lectured in vet nursing for Otago Polytechnic for about 5 years

I am an accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist; and share my 150 year old church/house with my partner and our diverse family of three dogs, one cat, six chickens and  three budgies.

Claudia Sutherland
Child Therapist 

Kia Ora, my name is Claudia and I am a Narrative Play therapist who works with children aged 5-17 years. I believe in walking beside children to story their world in a safe and therapeutic environment.

I collaborate with children to achieve their goals in living the best life they can.

I believe in capturing stories of difference to harness children’s imagination for rewriting the problem story. I encourage working alongside parents so they can help their tamariki grow and flourish.

I also incorporate other models of therapy - like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness - into the play sessions.

I live with my husband and daughter and animals in West Auckland.

I enjoy reading, coffees out and spending time with family.

Joseph pic_edited_edited_edited_edited_e
Joseph Mellor

Kia ora, my name is Joseph and I am a counsellor here at Rosa. I use a range of approaches to work with what is meaningful to each individual client. In particular, my interests and skills are around existential and narrative therapies.


These approaches inform us that, although change is inevitable and uncertain, such uncertainty also brings possibility. Because of this, we can be certain that we are always moving towards new possibilities for our lives and identities; and there is always hope for change in life.


They also let us know that we are never defined by our problems, and that we are always richly endowed with unique skills and knowledges that support us to respond to the challenges we face and to move toward what is important to us. Because of this, I am always interested in becoming richly acquainted with the uniqueness of the people that I meet with. 


When I am not counselling, I spend most of my time reading, meeting with friends, playing the guitar, surfing, and walking on the beautiful beaches of the Hibiscus Coast.

Kat Barnett
Student Counsello

Kia ora, my name is Kat. I am a third year counselling student with a passion for working with both children and adults. I work through a person-centered lens and draw on mindfulness techniques, emotion-focused and creative therapies. 

I have a background as a teacher aide and have worked with children and young adults with various disabilities and neuro-diversities. 

As a counsellor I provide an environment that is warm and accepting. I view our time together as a season of life and I feel honored to be a part of your journey. Your story to me is taonga. 

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, yoga, pottery and exploring the beauty of our country. 

Naifang (Wendy) Wang
Counsello - Services in Mandarin

Hey, I‘m Wendy. I’m from Shanghai, China. I have been working as a psychological counsellor in China for over fifteen years. My clients include individuals, couples, families and children.


My treatment is gentle and inclusive. The theories and techniques I use are narrative therapy, imagined dream and working on the unconscious; emotional focused couple therapy, family therapy and play therapy. I use these skills to build a relationship with clients and build a secure platform for them to explore their underlying needs and goals. I can support clients to be themselves, and help them manage what they can control, and accept what they can’t, so they discover themselves as an inclusive and resilient person.

In my spare time I like to sit by the sea and watch the tide come and go; I love reading, flowers and plants, music and traveling. 

嘿,我是温迪。 我来自中国上海。 我在中国做心理咨询已经超过15年了。

我的客户包括个人、夫妻、家庭和儿童。 我的治疗风格是温和的和包容的。 所使用的理论和技术有叙事疗法、梦的积极想象和对无意识的工作; 夫妻治疗,家庭治疗和游戏治疗。 我可以利用这些技能与客户建立关系,并为他们建立一个安全的平台。

客户可以使用这个平台来探索他们潜在的需求和目标。 我可以帮助客户做自己,帮助他们管理他们能控制的,接受他们不能控制的。


Sara Collins

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sara is taking an unexpected break from work and hopes to be back with the Trust next year... Watch this space.



Meeting, Greeting and Hugs Dept.

Woof - my name is Chester and I love saying hello and getting pats and cuddles from all the clients. I especially like babies and small people, but I will cuddle anyone.

When I'm not sleeping, getting pats or playing with my toys at work, I enjoy sleeping and getting pats and playing with my toys at home.

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