Totally Awesome Me

‘Totally Awesome Me’ is a fun and creative  programme  open to all  girls in the community aged  12 – 17 years.

The programme enhances self-esteem, healthy, positive communication skills and deepens self-awareness. by working through real issues in a creative way —  using  music, art, dance and drama. It focusses on the girls being able to express themselves  and feel heard.

The purpose is for the girls to be armed with knowledge that will help maintain a balanced perspective of themselves,

to assess situations and make choices based on personal respect. This is an exciting creative stage of life and they are supported in releasing the negative and dancing the positive.


The group is set in a supportive, open and respectful environment where young women can relax and feel empowered and safe to talk without judgment or criticism.


1. Introduction

Introduce ourselves and get to know one another. Establish a comfortable, supportive & respectful atmosphere through creative activities and group discussion. An introduction to the general theme for the whole course .

Brief Overview

2. Self-talk

Looking at the connection between thoughts, feelings and behavior and how they affect us. Are we an ‘Inner Champion’ or an ‘Inner Critic’? How can we change how they affect us.

4 & 5:  Mother / Father/Daughter Relationships & Family Dynamics

Exploring parental relationships. How does my family work? How do I feel in my family? What are the rules and how do I feel about them? What things cause conflict in my family? Individual and their discovering different ways of seeing the world around them.

6: Sexual Relationships; Sexual safety

Exploring feelings & understanding around love, lust and sex. Beginning to explore our own value /self worth in a            sexual/intimate relationship. How do we keep ourselves safe? How do we maintain our self-awareness, and self worth?

9: Self Care

Exploring how we take care of ourselves and ways in which we harm ourselves. What can I do for me to feel truly good about myself? How do I honour who I am?

10. Dreams and Expectations

What are my passions, ideals, desires? How open to the possibilities in life am I?

3. Group Dynamics

A look at the impact of groups. Becoming aware of our social circles and the influence groups have for us personally. How do we feel about ourselves in a group? How does that group affect our self esteem?

7 & 8: Body Image

In-depth look at perceptions about body     image – our own perceptions of how we look; media created images/marketing and unrealistic ideals; changing the way we see ourselves; becoming part of challenging society’s perceptions of body    image. How does it affect our self-esteem and how we view others?


Ground Level, The Village Chambers, 294 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa



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